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Over 2 million Americans have Meniere's.

1.4 million Americans have Epilepsy

1/2 million Americans have Parkinson's

So, why do so few people know so little about Meniere's, but most people know or at least have heard of Epilepsy and Parkinson's?





BPPV Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Brain Fog Sudden attack of being forgetful.  May temporarily forget who or where you are.

Drop Attack Sudden drop to the floor because of Meniere's imbalance/vertigo.  May be combined with brain fog.

ENG Electronystagmograph is a test used with water or air applied to your inner ear to create and replicate dizziness.

ENT Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor

ENDOLYMPHATIC SAC DECOMPRESSION The endolymphatic sac decompression operation is performed by making an incision behind the involved ear and exposing the mastoid bone. The mastoid is opened, and the facial nerve is identified in its course through the mastoid. The bone over the endolymphatic sac is then exposed and once identified, the sac is opened. A non-reactive sheet of silastic or a valve is inserted into the sac to allow for future drainage, when fluid reforms. The operation takes about an hour.

LABYRINTHECTOMY Using the same approach through the mastoid bone as the endolymphatic sac operation, the inner ear balance organ (the labyrinth) is exposed. The semicircular canals are then carefully drilled away, exposing the nerve of balance which is completely removed

Tinnitus medical term for "ringing in the ears"

Vertigo Attack Uncontrollable spinning and imbalance.  Minor vertigo may make the room spin a little and last only a few seconds.  A major vertigo attack may feel like someone is pushing you in different directions and occasionally cause bruises to the victim by falling or landing into hard objects.  Nausea may follow.

VESTIBULAR NEURECTOMY Vestibular neurectomy involves the discrete sectioning of the nerve of balance near where it comes out of the brain. The hearing portion of the nerve is thus preserved. Hearing is preserved at the level experienced before surgery in most cases. The operation is a team effort performed by an ear surgeon and a neurosurgeon. Since the nerve must be identified as it exits the brain, the vestibular neurectomy is an intracranial operation.

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